Training on a first aid

A proper first aid very often allowe to avoid such tragedies as death or disability. We are aware of this, so that is why we conduct a regular training on the first aid.

First aid class includes learning the correct procedure in the event of accidents and sudden health deterioration. We discuss the principles of assistance to victims of road accidents, as well as victims of other accidents, which may occur even at home, at school or at work. We explain how to properly cover wounds, as well as how to immobilize a broken limb and stop the bleeding. During the training, we pass the knowledge on the rules of helping in the case of loss of consciousness, heart attack, stroke, seizures, and diabetic coma.

We explain how to assess patient's health condition, and how to proceed until the arrival of emergency. Training on the first aid is carried out only by experienced paramedics, so participants can be sure that we provide them with reliable knowledge. Training includes lectures, as well as practical activities, such as the exercising of resuscitation and disinfection of wounds, and dressing applying


The duration of the class on the first aid is usually eight hours. Trainings are held regularly in our facility, but we also offer trainings in a workplace, schools and other institutions. We teach students the basics of the first aid, so the training can participate everyone, regardless of age.

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