Accountancy class

Among the most popular fields of study is an accountancy technician. People interested in acquiring skills to work in this profession usually decide to start studying or completing post-secondary school. However, in the case of entrepreneurs who wish to acquire the skills necessary to perform tasks related to accounting, enough will be a monthly class we propose.

The participant of this class is prepared to perform tasks such as creating documents and evidences relating to business operations, doing and appraising inventories, and preparing financial analysis and reports. The schedule consists of both theoretical and practical sessions, that are held in accounting offices. During the practical sessions of the class, participants have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the work of devices that are used in office work as well as with accounting software. One of the most important advantages of our class is the fact that learning takes place in small groups, which greatly facilitates the transfer of knowledge to all participants. After completion of the class, students take an exam – when passed, you obtain authorization to practice.

Classes usually take place over four consecutive weekends. The duration of each meeting is six hours, not including breaks. It is possible, however, to establish a different schedule tailored to the needs of a particular group.

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