Increased awareness of the relationship between a diet and health makes people more willing to usea help of nutritionists. All lovers of healthy nutrition are welcome on our class for dieters, which provides students with permission to work in this profession.

During the class, we discuss both the general principles of healthy nutrition and standards of conduct in emergency situations. We are taking care to ensure that nutritionists have no problems with planning menus completely customized to the individual needs of their customers. The class will explain the principles of healthy weight loss, and indicate which diets should be avoided, because they are a threat to health or lead to the yo-yo effect. We pay much attention to such topics as athlete nutrition, diet for seniors, children, and teenagers. We provide knowledge on proper nutrition in diseases such as diabetes or celiac disease. The class for dieters also allows to expand the knowledge of supplementation. We discuss the principles of supplements and nutrients used in martial arts and other disciplines, as well as draw attention to preparations supporting health and vitality.

The training for dieters takes 40 hours. In our facility we organize weekend and evening classes. For groups we offer the possibility of adjusting the schedule to the needs of participants. After passing the exam, all students receive a diploma, which is a confirmation of the completion of the class.

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