Free time animator

This is a training designed for employees of tourism and hotel industry, as well as for anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of the organization of free time, and at the same time – to gain useful qualifications.

The main task of the person working in such a position is the animation of free time, that is, providing people with appropriate entertainment, for example, during a stay in a holiday resort. During our class, we pass the knowledge necessary to organize a plan of animation, adapted to a particular group. In good animation plan there should included activities that allow you to connect relaxation with the development of interests and skills. We talk about sports, paying attention to how to choose a discipline adapted to a specific group. We place great emphasis on the fact that future free time animators ahould able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the place in which they will be doing their job. Animator who completes our class, can not only organize interesting activities, but also encourage members to get involved in the entertainment prepared for them. he also has the qualifications necessary to create the right atmosphere during the organized activities.

The free time animator class takes 24 hours. Classes are held at our facility for two consecutive weekends. For groups we offer the possibility of organizing activities outside our center. The completion of the course is confirmed by a proper diploma.

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