IT courses

Computer skills are required today in many positions. All of you, who still have problmes with working with these devices, need to visit our IT courses.

Our offer includes both training of basic computer and network skills, as well as courses designed for people who already have some experience in working with computers, but want to learn how they can use them to help themselves at daily work. We offer, among other things, the rapid tempo of writing course, and training in the field of computer graphics. We also provide familiarization with the software used in accounting and archiving data, as well as software for schools and sports facilities.

A basic course in computer science involves the use of Windows and the Internet, as well as using programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office. This proposal is addressed in particular to older people who grew up at a time when access to computers was not so widely used as it is now. Computer courses we offer is an excellent opportunity to acquire skills that are very useful in the labor market, as well as in everyday life.

The duration of computer courses ranges from ten to forty hours. Each course combines lectures and practical classes, because only in this way you can acquire qualifications in the field of computer and the Internet. The confirmation of participation in the course is a diploma prepared by us.

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