Personal trainer

The number of people who appreciate the benefits of working with personal trainer raises. All those who would like to gain entitlement to work in this profession, are invited to participate in our training.

The training for personal trainers is a proposal addressed to people who already have some experience in sport and knowledge of healthy eating. During a 40-hours class, students learn how to arrange the perfect training schedule and menu, taking into account the state of health, fitness, and expectations of people they will work with in the future. We are taking care to ensure that future personal trainers do not have problems with planning a proper diet for people who are particularly likely to be overweight, due to diseases such as hypothyroidism or the use of drugs promoting weight gain. We put emphasis on the correct methods of working with people who have medical contraindications to practice some sports. During the class, we also talk about supplementation. We are taking care to ensure that the future personal trainers have knowledge not only in the field of dietary and nutritional supplements designed for athletes. We discuss the effect of supplements for weight loss very carefully, and also explain when to use preparations containing vitamins and minerals.

After completing the class, participants take an exam. Everyone who manage to pass it, receive from us a diploma confirming participation in the training, and getting permission to work as a personal trainer.

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